Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bugatti Veyron: Reviews

After the car had reached production, Murray went on to write an article for another UK auto magazine, Top Gear, retracting a lot of his past criticism of the car.

"One really good thing, and I simply never expected this, is that it does change direction. It hardly feels its weight. Driving it on a circuit I expected a sack of cement, but you can really throw it at tight chicanes."

He also declared in the article that: "The braking is phenomenal, the primary ride and body control are good too" and "It's a huge achievement."

The trend of backtracking on negative comments about the Veyron continued when prominent UK car show host Jeremy Clarkson declared on Top Gear that it was "The best car ever made" after initially saying it was ridiculous and would never exist. He would later extend this by saying he would spend the night with British reality TV star Jade Goody (whom Clarkson strongly dislikes) to get his hands on one. Additionally, Clarkson described the car as "Utterly, stunningly, mind blowingly, jaw droppingly brilliant."

The Veyron was then proclaimed the Top Gear Magazine Car of the Year along with the Toyota Aygo and its Peugeot and Citro├źn clones.

The Veyron was also declared the Grand Award winner for the Autotech category of 2006 by Popular Science magazine...

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